28DCD Day One (Trygve): General Biography

Trygve, a Nord, was born Trygve Wartooth in 4E173, 4th of Rain’s Hand, in a small house just outside of Riften to parents Ysri and Birkir (both deceased).  Ysri was a healer and priestess of Mara.  Birkir was once a wealthy merchant and trader who traveled extensively but settled down after the birth of his first child, Trygve’s half-brother, Henrik (originally Hadrian*).

A good portion of Trygve’s childhood was spent in the Temple of Mara, where he studied religion, history, and alchemy.  When he was thirteen, his mother died, and he continued to study restoration with the healer who replaced her.  From a young age, Trygve also showed a proficiency in archery and spent a lot of time hunting in the woods with his friends, Iona and Jori.  His best skills are archery, restoration, and alchemy.  His melee weapon is a one-handed axe, though he prefers to fight at range.  He wears scaled armor.  He currently lives in Whiterun with Lydia and Elspeth.  His affiliations are with the courts of Jarls Laila and Balgruuf (informally) and the Dragonborn.

When they were about seventeen, he and his friends decided they wanted to travel all of Skyrim, locating all the ancient Nordic and Dwemer ruins, caves and deserted mines, honing their scouting abilities.  They did this for many years.  On one of these journeys in the Reach, they came upon the aftermath of a skirmish between some Nords from Markarth and for Forsworn of Druadach Redoubt.  Several Forsworn lay injured and Trygve, being a young idealist, with no particular loyalties other than to Mara and the art of healing, decided to help the injured Bretons.  The Nords who had earlier participated in the skirmish returned and attacked the group, killing Jori.  Trygve and Iona managed to kill the Nords but were only able to save one of the Forsworn.  This, however, earned Trygve respect of the redoubt’s leader and he is able to visit that and a couple of other Forsworn camps (including Karthspire and Red Eagle Redoubt) without being attacked.

After Jori died, Iona and Trygve parted ways.  Iona returned home to Riften, while Trygve made his way to Solitude where he stayed for a while, hunting and occasionally hiring himself out as a scout.  After an incredibly intense romance went awry, he returned to Riften and was reunited with Iona, who had taken a job as a guard.  He was also reunited with his father, who had taken in and was protecting an old Altmer from Cyrodiil, Nerussa.  Though he was a little wary of settling down, he worked in and around Riften for a while and after assisting Jarl Laila with the hold’s skooma problem, he was made Thane and he requested Iona as his housecarl.  When his father died, he moved into his house to continue to protect Nerussa until he met Elspeth.

He is tall, about 6’1”, strong with a lean build, dark blue eyes, and reddish brown hair that he keeps on the short side.  His skin is pale and a bit ruddy and he has a beard that is short (unless they’ve been traveling and camping for a while).  He has no tattoos or piercings and only minor scars, nicks and cuts, from encounters with creatures on his earlier travels.

Trygve is a rather serious individual, thoughtful, and highly dependable and dedicated.  When he was young, he was very idealistic and friendly, but over the years has become more cynical and aloof.  He is fully committed to the young Dragonborn and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.   He’s generally pretty quiet and perfectly content to spend an evening alone with a tankard of mead and a book.  He can be social, however, he just prefers smaller groups of revelers to a crowded tavern full of strangers.  His closest friend is his housecarl Iona.  In Riften, he is generally on good terms with people, though he’s not particularly close to any of them.  In Whiterun, although he had an awkward introduction to Farkas, he occasionally spends time at Jorrvaskr drinking and sparring.

*The story of Henrik’s name change will come later, when I discuss Trygve’s family.

8 thoughts on “28DCD Day One (Trygve): General Biography

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  2. Out of all the characters you’ve written and met in Skyrim during Elspeth’s Disaster, Trygve is the one I’d most like to sit down and have a tankard of mead or ten with. What a geniune guy and I bet he has innumerable stories to tell once you loosen those lips a little. Still my favourite character since we first had the pleasure of meeting him all those months ago.

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