28DCD Day Twenty (Trygve): Relationships [Riften]

Trygve’s family was well-respected around the Rift and while he never felt particularly attached to the place, he always felt obliged to stay on good terms with the people there, particularly in Riften where both of his parents conducted their respective trades.  This idea of simply staying on good terms gave way to feelings of actual responsibility when he became thane. When he returned from Solitude, he simply wanted some work though he didn’t want to tie himself to an actual job so that he could take off again when he was ready.   Jarl Laila charged him with taking care of Riften’s skooma problem and then made him thane.  He was reluctant at first because he would not want to treat it simply as a symbolic title, but he soon realized that he could do some good for the hold, while still having the freedom to explore.

Notable relationships within Riften include, but are not limited to, the following people.  Note that this list only discusses NPCs.

Iona: His friend and housecarl.  He has known Iona since they were small.  She fell in love with his friend Jori and the three of them were inseparable throughout most of their adolescence.  They parted ways after Jori died and were reunited when Trygve returned to Riften.  Iona was working as a guard in Mistveil Keep before Trygve requested her as his personal housecarl.

Lilija Snow Shod: Trygve was smitten with her and he hoped that she would join the group on their scouting adventure.  But she joined the Stormcloaks instead.

Asgeir Snow-Shod: Lilija’s brother.  He liked to joke that Trygve Wartooth was the only Nord in Riften he approved of for his sister.  He never let Trygve know this until much later, however.  Today, they are friendly and have a great deal of mutual respect, but they are not close.

Jarl Laila Lawgiver: Trygve treats the Jarl with civility and respect, but he thinks she’s somewhat incompetent, with an unspoken reliance on Maven Black-Briar.  He learned early on that the Jarl is mostly content with the status-quo and that any real change to the conditions of the city should probably be taken up with other people.  He despises her son Harrald and feels sorry Saerlund.

Mjoll the Lioness:  Mjoll was new in town when Trygve first met her.  He liked her immediately and admires her dedication to the well being of the people in Riften, even if he thinks she’s a bit too idealistic and her ideas, unrealistic.

Maramal: Trygve things he’s too moralizing and believes he should spend more time ministering to individuals who want his guidance than lecturing people who couldn’t care less.

The Thieves Guild:  They’re bad news bears, but Trygve has reluctantly accepted that the guild is just part of the normal order of things and that Mercer and Brynjolf do a good job of keeping violence among thieves down.  He’s actually known Vipir for a long time, from when he used to accompany his mother to the orphanage.

Maven Black-Briar: Trygve doesn’t like her and doesn’t trust her, though he recognizes that Riften would be even more of a crumbling mess if not for her influence.  He likes her family even less, though he sort of feels sorry for Ingun.

4 thoughts on “28DCD Day Twenty (Trygve): Relationships [Riften]

  1. This was great, I knew every one of the npc’s mentioned except for one, Lilija Snow Shod, and I am almost shocked how he feels about the thieves guild but not really since he is smart and politically savvy.

    • When I conceived of Trygve as a lawful good character, he was very much a male version of Mjoll. I think it’s part of his chaotic alignment that he accepts a certain amount of corruption is inevitable and is also not averse to allying with unscrupulous individuals if it is to his advantage. As he sees his goals as very much for the greater good, most of the time he feels the ends justify the means.

    • That might be his superpower. I think after his romance went sour he felt somehow sort of “duped” and became super observant and attuned the discrepancies between what people say and what they do.

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