28DCD Days 23 & 24 (Trygve): Everyday Shit and Favorites

I don’t have that much to say about everyday stuff that is different from what I wrote last year on the topic.  I will say that with the assumption that tea exists in Tamriel, one of my favorite parts of Dragonborn was learning that one of the plants used to make tea is canis root.  I also discovered an herbal tea mod and I’m really quite sad that I can’t use it.  I think Trygve’s preferred tea is Orsinian Battle Tea because it’s hearty and a little bitter, whereas Elspeth prefers Akaviri Ceremonial Tea and Lydia, Nordic Mountain Tea.

One noteable change with respect to Trygve’s “everyday shit,” is that I have completely reorganized Honeyside to suit to his (read my) preferences.  The bedroom is just a large sitting room and library.  Downstairs, the alchemy table is in the first you room enter when you’re at the bottom of the stairs (Trygve doesn’t have an enchanting table), Iona’s room is on the right, as normal, and Trygve’s bedroom is in the back where the enchanting table normally is.  This room also has a door that can be closed.   I may be nitpicky but the idea of the bedroom being the only room through which you can access the balcony and also wide open for any housecarl to walk through while I am (I mean, Trygve) still sleeping makes me twitchy.

As far as favorites are concerned, here are some thoughts.

Food: Trygve’s not much of a foodie (for lack of a better term), but he’s somewhat particular about what he eats, preferring not to buy meat from stalls in the marketplace and instead hunts and grows his own food.  The one exception is steamed crab legs with drawn butter, which is something he indulges if it’s on the menu and he hasn’t had it for a while.  He’s not much of a sweet tooth.  He usually eats half a sweet roll or dumpling and then be done with it.

Drink:  Water.  For mead he prefers Black-Briar to Honningbrew though his favorite intoxicating beverage is the White-Gold Tower.

Weapon:  Trygve favorite weapon is an ebony bow, which was a gift from his father just before he left the Rift to explore.  He also carries several daggers and a steel short sword (short blades are a distinction in Morrowind that I’m using here).   Generally, he prefers fighting at range.

Armor:  In the picture that Karein drew for me, he’s wearing a kind of hybrid scaled/leather armor because I liked the idea of him in scaled armor, but I find the game-style a bit too cumbersome.  But then I was looking at armor mods for ideas and I came across several that I thought would suit him so much better.  So, I decided that perhaps the scaled/leather was his day-to-day stuff that he wears when he’s hunting out of his home.  For traveling he wears something with a little more coverage, such as this.  I also found this mod when I was looking and wished I could go back and make him a Bosmer because this armor is so beautiful I could cry.  I also rather like the look of this fellow, called a forester on theskyrimblog.   So, think something with more coverage, possibly straps and belts with pockets for his potion ingredients, and a hooded cloak.

Places to visit:  Trygve’s favorite hold to camp, explore, and hunt is The Reach, though he tries to avoid Markarth.

Alchemy ingredients:  Mushrooms, especially blisterwort and imp stool for healing potions.   Imp stool also has a paralytic, which greatly aids in healing any sort of bone break by helping to keep the individual still.  For poisons and sleeping potions, he likes deathbell.

Color: He doesn’t really have one.  Maybe dark grey.

Magic school: Restoration

College Instructor:  Being a fellow restoration mage (though he still won’t claim the title), he’s got a huge soft spot for Collette Marence

1 thought on “28DCD Days 23 & 24 (Trygve): Everyday Shit and Favorites

  1. I have 2 of those armors and the green arrow variation as well love them though I have to tweak one for being too weak and the other is slightly over powered for the game when run through the ReProccer. Anyway I adore the Bosmer armor and wish there were more Bosmer in the game to use it as companions.

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