So, What Happens Now?

When I first conceived of this blog my intention was to create a repository for all the things I enjoy doing, which can basically be narrowed down to the following three things: writing, baking (with some cooking), and opinion having.  I knew I would never be able to sustain a blog focused on just one of those things so I decided to make this a hobby blog. The character challenge was nice because it gave me something to focus on every day and fell nicely under writing (see the above page, “Writing, Creative and Otherwise”). Of course, it feels like cheating now since trying to organize things I’ve written over the last year and plan for other things is becoming annoying.

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28DCD Day Twenty-Eight (Trygve): Playlist (HA! Finally!)

I give up.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I am giving up my initial idea for this entry which was to compose a complete play list in the style of a movie soundtrack highlighting Trygve’s life and his part in the story up to this point, with maybe some hints as to things that are going to happen. I had all kind of song titles in this vein too: Trygve’s Lament, The Healer’s Repose, Requiem for a Conviction, and all kinds of stupid stuff like that.  I planned to draw these songs from all the fantasy-styled artists I’ve been listening lately, perhaps intertwining them with some modern songs as well.

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28DCD Day Twenty-Seven (Trygve): Relationships [Creator]

A/N: I really did not expect this to be so long.  And I’m actually working on a longer piece that discusses some of the things I go into here.  Also, I’m still working on the playlist too. If I’m not finished that by tomorrow, I’ll just post a few ideas about music and writing (updating last year’s list) and some things that remind me of Trygve.

But today I speak of Trygve and my relationship with him.  Without mincing words, I fucking love Trygve.  He is, so far, my favorite of all the original characters I’ve created.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Elspeth too but Trygve, apart from his personality, motivations, and moral compass, is special to me for the simple reason is that he is my favorite type of character.  The one who is charged with speaking uncomfortable truths, of pointing out when our heroes are acting self-absorbed, reckless, self-serving, or just plain being dumb.

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28DCD Day Twenty-Six (Trygve): Dinner Party

Your character can have a dinner party with anyone from the present game or in Tamriel’s history.  Who do they invite? Feel free also to include any gods from any pantheon, characters from other stories, or anything you think would fit your particular character.

“Oh, I don’t really like parties…”

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28DCD Day Twenty-Five (Trygve): One Thing

If Trygve could change one thing about himself, what would it be?

Trygve is fairly confident, but he knows that he often takes things too seriously, obsessing over things that don’t warrant the level of thought he gives them.  But he likes to find order and logic in the things he observes, which leads to overanalyzing.  There isn’t much room there for just letting things go and he would like to be able to, particularly when it comes to his expectations of other people and how they conduct themselves.  He won’t admit it, but there are moments he envies Lydia’s idealism and ability to sympathize with people.