So, What Happens Now?

When I first conceived of this blog my intention was to create a repository for all the things I enjoy doing, which can basically be narrowed down to the following three things: writing, baking (with some cooking), and opinion having.  I knew I would never be able to sustain a blog focused on just one of those things so I decided to make this a hobby blog. The character challenge was nice because it gave me something to focus on every day and fell nicely under writing (see the above page, “Writing, Creative and Otherwise”). Of course, it feels like cheating now since trying to organize things I’ve written over the last year and plan for other things is becoming annoying.

Moving forward, I am going to aim for 2-3 short or medium length blog posts that will roughly fall into one of the categories.  “Writing, Creative and Otherwise” will showcase character profiles, world building, headcanons and so forth.  It will talk about the art of writing, both fiction and nonfiction, the things that influence me and assist me and so forrth.  “Everything that Ever Mattered” is a project I’ve had in mind for a long time.  My training (for lack of a better term) is in academic writing, literary and cultural criticism.  I am no longer an academic, but I still enjoy a good scholarly essay, and I still have all sorts of things written that were aimed at my thesis committee of three people.  I’d like to take some of those things and craft them for a more popular audience.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about the things I enjoyed when I was younger and want to revisit some of the important things, the things that really inspired and influenced me, with a more critical lens.  This section will also feature anything remotely review-like, including my upcoming review of Edgelanders.  Finally, there is “The Yearly Olive,” which will document my more remarkable attempts at cooking and baking and thinking about food in general.

Looking over all the things I’ve started and also finished (but are in no shape for human consumption), I have plenty to write about.  Still, if anyone can recommend blogs that offer good writing prompts, please post them below.  Much of this is simply to get more organized with my non-Elder-Scrolls writing and maintain a consistent writing and posting rate.

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