I will answer to Elspeth or Els. It’s close enough to my real name and I have several real-life friends who know me from the internet who have taken to calling me that anyway.  In April 2012, I did something I swore I would  never to. I took my Elder Scrolls fan fiction, a story I was secretly writing for myself, and started posting it online. I chose to post it to a blog rather than a fan fiction site, because I only intended to share it with a handful of people and I really liked the idea of having a nice, quiet spot on the internet all to my nerdy self.  Since then, I have amassed a small, but dedicated readership.  You can find my fan fiction here.

In the last eight months or so, however, my 1-2 hour a day writing habithobby has exploded and I’ve been writing a lot more than that every day.  I haven’t finished anything and I am not sure I ever will, but I wanted to create a repository of sorts to document and share what I’ve done without clogging up my fan fiction site.  I find that, although there are few things more satisfying than finishing a story (or a novel), I am far more interested in the creative process, character development, world building, and observing how others do this. About half of what I’ve written is creative and the other half is non-fiction ranty essay things, mostly about story telling in general.  Also, food.

In the real world I am a freelance copyeditor.  I live in the midwest with my family.  My other hobbies include baking and cooking, reading, and watching things on Netflix, new favorites like Merlin, Being Human, and Supernatural, we well as old favorites like  Battlestar Galactica, X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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