So, What Happens Now?

When I first conceived of this blog my intention was to create a repository for all the things I enjoy doing, which can basically be narrowed down to the following three things: writing, baking (with some cooking), and opinion having.  I knew I would never be able to sustain a blog focused on just one of those things so I decided to make this a hobby blog. The character challenge was nice because it gave me something to focus on every day and fell nicely under writing (see the above page, “Writing, Creative and Otherwise”). Of course, it feels like cheating now since trying to organize things I’ve written over the last year and plan for other things is becoming annoying.

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Welcome to Davenport Perissology

I started this blog because while I have always written things, it has only been in the last couple of years that I have become comfortable sharing what I’ve written.  That and in the last several months, my occasional writing hobby has sort of exploded and I wanted a place apart from my fan fiction blog, Skyrim: Epic Disasters and other Tales, to collect and share the things I’ve written.  This is not really a story blog, however, it’s a hobby blog.  And it is still very much a work-in-progress.  More than the stories themselves, I am far more interested in the process of storytelling, character development, and world building.  Other things I will be writing about include literature, popular culture, and food.